2012-366-25 Drop a Needle (6763970597)

cogdogblog, 2012-366-25 Drop a Needle (6763970597), CC BY 2.0

Definitions of terms:

  • Sound in the physical sense is a form of sound whose frequency spectrum - in contrast to tones and sounds - is continuous or has frequencies that are not related to each other by small integers.
  • Sound in the sense of technical and legal standards is any unintended sound event, unlike noise, which is perceived as an unpleasant sound event. Various noises, e.g. a bang, can have very characteristic spectra, which is the physical basis for the formation of relevant terms in everyday language (bubbling, crackling, crunching, crackling, crackling, crackling, hissing). LEXIKON DER PHYSIK -

Klaus-Dieter Keller, Oszi Geräusch, CC BY-SA 3.0

What is the difference between sound and noise?

For clarification a reference to this source with audio examples.

Hands on! Here you modulate sounds:

Various sounds threatened with extinction are preserved here.