Landscape changes

The theme of this example is aimed at the change in landscape in terms of land use over the last 100 or 200 years. Two areas in Saxony, one area in the Neckarland and one area in the Swabian Alb were selected as study areas, each covering 25 km².

In order to realise this, current ATKIS data were used, as well as measuring table sheets and mileage sheets. These were scanned, georeferenced and edited.

Landscape changes

Fig. 16: Digitisation of old maps (Source: WALZ 2013)

Through the use of landscape metrics, such as the comparison of area shapes and sizes, it was possible to make statements about previous use and its development, which also made it possible to show economic changes. The comparison of the four areas also provided information regarding the influence of the landscape on the economy.

The aim of such evaluations is to gain new information for a more sustainable structural and spatial planning.