Availability of official geodata

In Germany, many of the federal geodata are available as Open Data. The federal states and many municipal administrations have made at least some geodata sets freely accessible, but the situation is heterogeneous. Extensive geodata sets, including high-resolution geodata (ALKIS, ATKIS, digital aerial photos, 3D city models ...), were made accessible by six federal states so far, important entry points in this context are:

Less comprehensive sources of basic geodata are available for Baden-W√ľrttemberg among others, see table below.

In Austria, the digital administration map basemap.at is the most widely used Open Data product of Austrian authorities according to the statistics of the national data portal and can be used under the CC By 3.0 AT license.

In Switzerland, the portal opendata.swiss provides access to Open Data.swisstopo.admin.ch will provide governmental data free of charge from March 2021 on.

Public availability of basic geodata in the German federal states. Green: Completely open. Yellow: Partially open. Orange: Not open. Grey: Not available. Own representation according to A. Steiger, 30.06.2018
abbrevations Product
DLM Digital Landscape Model (Digitales Landschaftsmodell)
DTK Digital Topographic Map (Digitale Topographische Karte)
DGM Digital Terrain Model (Digitales Geländemodell)
DOM Digital Surface Model (Digitales Oberflächenmodell)