Biomass Potentials

The Deutsches Biomasse Forschungszentrum gGmbH DBFZ (German Biomass Research Centre) is a central and independent pioneer in the field of energetic and material biomass research and is working on how the limited available biomass resources can make a sustainable and highly efficient contribution to the existing and future energy system. Within the framework of its research activities, the DBFZ identifies, develops, accompanies, evaluates and demonstrates the most promising fields of application for bioenergy together with partners from research, industry and the public. Based on this broad research background, the DBFZ also provides advisory services to decision makers and politics.

The target groups of the DBFZ's research and development work (R&D), contract research and science-based services are all relevant actors from research, industry and politics with a connection to the bioeconomy. In addition to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), these include other federal and state ministries as well as governmental and non-governmental national and international organisations, in particular from the agricultural, forestry and energy sectors. The results of the R&D work and the science-based services are also made available to the specialist public, in particular to the energy sector, agriculture and forestry, as well as to the economy in the areas of biomass, bioenergy and bioeconomy.

The work of the DBFZ is intended to expand the overall knowledge of the possibilities and limits of an energetic and integrated material use of renewable raw materials in a bio-based economy and to permanently secure the outstanding position of Germany as an industrial location in this sector.

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