Open vs. Free Software

Open Source Software (OSS) in practice has large overlaps with Free Software as defined by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Both concepts have in common that the source code of software should be available for users. The same Copyleft and Free Software licenses are also classified as "Free" or "Open" by both sides, with rare exceptions. The primary difference lies in terminology and perspective: Free Software focuses on the aspect of user control over software and sees Free Software as an important social, political and ethical concern. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) takes the view that the practical benefits for the general public (users, society, companies, etc.) of a freely available software infrastructure, a free software market, and a collaborative development method are the crucial aspect."


The FOSSGIS e.V., a registered and non-profit association, has set itself the goal of promoting Free Software from the GIS sector and Free Geodata.

As part of the exercise, you will search for open GIS software.

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