Exercises to Remote Sensing

In the exercises you will deal more intensively with the aspects of Open Access in remote sensing and other open geodata as well as with the use of Open Source software. In practical terms, you will work on:

  • Remote sensing basics and the importance of vegetation and in particular of forests and green spaces in cities
  • open research data (satellites, geodata), including research in the current data repositories of the EU-Copernicus programme
  • Open GIS and remote sensing software to create your own open software alternative for processing case studies

There are several exercises available. These represent three areas with different spatial extensions:

  • Local/municipal environment: case study: Capture of windthrow areas
  • Regional/national environment: case study: Recording of the tree population in large German cities
  • European/international environment: case study still under construction: Urban Green and changes in land cover/use of European capitals