Terms in the context of openness

A selection of term combinations with Open with a short explanation can be found here. These are explained in more detail on the following pages:

  • Open Science: open access to proven knowledge and up-to-date information, also in terms of reproducibility, transparency and reusability of scientific work.
  • Open Access: free access to scientific literature and other materials from the Internet.
  • Open Source: Source code of software is made publicly available, freely copyable, modifiable and reusable.
  • Open Innovation: Used in a more entrepreneurial environment to generate appropriate uses for knowledge about innovations.
  • Open Data: Free availability and usability of privately collected (e.g. OpenStreetMap) and administrative data (e.g. GovData).
  • Open Government: Opening administrative action to business and citizens.
  • Open Educational Resources: Open provision of educational content.
  • OpenStreetMap: a freely available world map.

Mostly there are international initiatives behind the conceptual worlds, on whose pages you will find extensive information and discussions about this currently dynamic environment.

All these initiatives have in common the assumption that openness of data/knowledge/software/... promotes the development of science, economy and administration and leads to more transparency, participation and cooperation.