Biomass potentials

What levels and types of potentials are there?
What are the differences between theoretical and technical potential?
Which restrictions must be considered when calculating the technical potential? What contribution can biogenic residues and wastes make to the energy system?

The possibility of using biomass and, above all, the mobilisation of biogenic resources depends on existing potentials. According to Duden (German dictionary), a potential is the totality of all available means, possibilities or abilities. With the help of potential calculations, we want to find answers to the question of how much biomass is available for a specific purpose within a given region and a defined period of time. In order to make the results of such potential calculations comparable and transparent, it is important to define system boundaries, boundary conditions and restrictions that are taken into account in the calculations. With regard to biogenic resources, there are different types and levels of potentials which will be discussed below.

Publication series of the BMU funding programme Energetische Biomassenutzung, Volume 04. (in German)
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