Evaluation of the degree of recovery

In this example, the calculation of the open space share of the landscape was used to show how high the nature-related degree of recreation of an area is. It was assumed that large contiguous natural areas, i.e. no settlements or industrial areas, mean more recreation for humans.

In addition, the attractiveness of a landscape is of great importance in the field of tourism. This can be measured by the complexity of the landscape areas, among other things. For example, the dimension of form and the density of edges can be used for this purpose.

In this case it is also possible, as shown in Fig. 17, to compare different times.


Fig. 17: Comparison of recovery value 1940/1995 Sächsische Schweiz (Source: WALZ 2013)

This example of a part of Saxony shows that although large recreational areas have been added. The depletion of recreational areas is still greater, not least due to larger settlement areas and agricultural land.