Learning objectives and structure of the learning unit

Author of the course unit

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Bill coordinates the project OpenGeoEdu.
Professor Bill has been Professor of Geodesy and Geoinformatics at the University of Rostock since 1994. His textbook "Grundlagen der Geo-Informationssysteme", published in 2016 in its 6th edition, is considered the standard in GIS education in German-speaking countries.
For years, Prof. Bill has been working with open geodata and increasingly incorporates it into his teaching in order to generate individualized tasks for students and thus promote their creativity.

Learning objectives

The aim of the learning unit is to get to know the framework conditions for electro mobility, to classify this current society topic and to work out questions that can be investigated with open geodata.

Structure of the Lecture

Electro mobility is a very heavily discussed topic and the emerging industry shows clear development potential. The lecture deals fundamentally with the topic of electro mobility and presents the current situation, e.g. regarding the charging station infrastructure as well as obstacles in increasing the number of electric cars.

Contents of the exercises

The exercises will address the question of how and which issues can be addressed with open geodata in the context of electro mobility. Of course, the focus here is on spatial aspects in particular. For this purpose, several exemplary questions are offered. Each example results in thematic evaluations in the form of maps, diagrams, evaluations, which have to be compiled in a written document according to the rules of science.