Small-scale land use monitoring requires tools, models, algorithms, easy-to-understand geovisualisations in participation of diverse actors at all decision-making levels.

Therefore, the spatial data and geostatistical information are having particular importance and should be more accurate, up-to-date and available free of charge.

Fig:Topic of monitor by flowing scale and time
Fig: Topics of monitor by flowing scale and time

The practical exercises aims to analyse Available Open Data in combination with basic geoinformation including temporal dimension. The major milestons are:

  1. fundamentals of data management,
  2. spatial Analysis and
  3. interactive Application.

The practical exercises section will introduce relevant topics of the thematic spatial analysis step by step.

  • Data sources of land use, building, transport network and land covers
  • Land uses-, Transportation and Building purpose
  • Describe with Indicators (Characteristics or properties)
  • Analysis of different Spatial scales (Administrative levels, Transport)
  • Visualization results in the from of Maps, Tables, Diagrams