The scope of the survey according to END cannot be achieved with conventional measurement methods, therefore a calculation of the noise exposure is explicitly permitted. Measurement and calculation methods are presented below.

Expansion of the scope of environmental noise mapping

In the first reporting rounds, environmental noise mappings were requested to a lesser extent or only above a certain traffic volume.

1st reporting round (2005-2009) 2nd reporting round (2010-2014)
agglomeration > 250.000 Residents > 100.000 Residents
major road > 6 million cars/year > 3 million cars/year
major railway line > 60.000 trains/year > 30.000 trains/year
major airport > 50.000 movements per year > 50.000 movements per year

Exposure levels are to be determined on the basis of uniform EU-wide parameters over the entire day (day-evening-night noise indicator (LDEN)) and separately for the night (night-time noise indicator (LNight)).