There is currently a paradigm shift towards more openness in society, administration, business and science. Only a few years ago, information was carefully guarded. It was seen as a trade secret in companies, and administrations collected it in folders and planning cabinets. Requests for information were almost regarded as an insult to the majesty. Scientists published, but without providing the data used, which significantly limited the traceability of the results. This is changing dramatically. Freedom of information, citizen participation, open data, transparency laws, digitalisation ... new buzzwords and activities suggesting that openness is on the rise in a wide variety of areas.

This new form of openness is characterized by the formation of terms with the word Open, which is why in this part of the course, called Open XX, we look at selected facets of such formation of terms.

The ABC of free knowledge? (Source: Wikimedia Salon)

„"The more open, the better!" - Does this formula also apply to the field of Open Science? These questions were discussed in the Wikimedia salon "The ABC of Free Knowledge" on 13.03.2018. Have a look at the following Video.
If the video is no longer available, look for alternatives.