Calculation of biomass potentials

Depending on the considered potential level, the calculation steps and input variables vary when calculating the theoretical potential between the individual biomass. Explanations for the respective calculation steps can be found in the corresponding exercises.

If you work with existing potential numbers or perform your own calculations, you should document the following points:

  • Which individual biomasses were taken into account?
  • Which type of potential was considered?
  • Which year do the figures refer to?
  • Which units and conversion factors were used?
  • What is the quality of the source data (official statistics, surveys, estimates)?
  • Which restrictions are taken into account and to what extent (sustainability aspects, nature conservation concerns, material uses, etc.)?
  • When estimating future potentials: Which assumptions and framework conditions form the basis of the scenarios?

Flowcharts are a good way of presenting the calculation steps in a transparent and comprehensible way:

Flowchart for calculating biomass potentials, own illustration

Under "Flowcharts" you will find the flowcharts for the biomasses available in the DBFZ Resource Database.